Based in Kent, GF Concepts is dedicated to giving SMEs the business tools and support to work efficiently and achieve their full potential.

We understand that busy business owners want their business to grow, but perhaps haven’t got the time, resources or expertise to concentrate on sales, marketing, services, purchasing, human resources¬† and production at the same time. We also believe they need access to tools and techniques used by world class businesses, in a user friendly and cost effective way.

Financial Management

Our aim is to help you:

  • Increase your profits
  • Get some of your time back to do what you enjoy


The 3 keys to financial success in a business are to:

  • Grow your sales
  • Control your costs
  • Ensure your profits turn into cash

We are dedicated to giving you the tools and support your needs in these areas, either through bespoke training, ad-hoc or regular reviews of your Key Performance Indicators,
or as a part-time or virtual finance manager for your business.

The first step in growing your business is to know where you are, and where you want to be. We offer a free Financial Health Check, looking at your
performance and making use of Benchmarking software to compare it against others in your industry.
You can then set out your plans, with or without our support.

To request your free financial health check please contact us